Open Call for a BUTTON show- Argyle Fine Art!


Button Up!

Inspired by the Hot One Inch Action Show at the Hot Art/Wet City Gallery & Shop in Vancouver, we’re having a button show!

A fun one night only show of work by local artists printed on limited edition buttons to purchase, collect and trade!

The Big Event

The show is a one night only event taking place on  Friday, September 30th , 7-9pm.

The night of the show the buttons will be on display for all to enjoy. Join in the fun by purchasing a mystery bag of 5 art buttons $15 (cost!), which you can then trade with others that night to curate your art button collection!


Submission guidelines for artists:

Submissions will be received On-line only. The deadline to submit is Monday, September 5th. The work will be submitted to a jury who will select pieces based on how they fit into the show and onto a button. Only 20 artists will be selected for the show, as this is a first attempt at such an exhibit. We will inform all artists if they have been accepted or not by end of day on September 7th.

Each artist will receive 5 buttons of their work (which they can also trade the night of the show!) as payment for being part of the show.  This show is more about engaging the public and getting people interested in collecting. (***There is also the opportunity to sell the original work that is featured on the button, see below.)

Please send us your submissions by email to, with the following information:

name, title of the work, dimensions and materials of the original work (ie oil on board, 12”x16”), and an image file of your art as a .jpg attachment.

You can submit up to 2 pieces for consideration. Only one piece per artist as chosen by the jury will be turned into a button.

Please title your jpg files as following:


i.e. SmithJane_LittleRedCorvette.jpg

***If your artwork is still available for purchase and has not been shown at another local gallery please indicate that in your submission email. We will be featuring several of the original pieces for sale during the show.

We’ll pop your image files into our button template for consistency. As the button is round try to choose works that have compositions that will work for the circular format.

All artwork submitted in photos must be of your own original work and content (ie something you created that isn’t a reproduction of another work).
Once the jury has selected pieces we will send out emails to all who have submitted. Best of luck to all who enter and we hope to see you on Friday, September 30th,for the show!