White Rabbit 2016 Call for Volunteers

It is that time of year again where White Rabbit is seeking volunteers to help make an incredible Residency/Festival experience.  We are looking for hardworking, positive individuals to bring their enthusiasm, creativity and intention.  Volunteers have always been an integral part of the White Rabbit experience, not just from a logistics point of view but also in cultivating the values and creative energies of our community.

This year we are interested in filling quite a few volunteer positions in one of two categories: White Rabbit Residency Support Crew and/or Metamorphosis Period and White Rabbit Festival Support Crew.

If you are interested in the White Rabbit Residency Support Crew and/or Metamorphosis Period please let us know by July 14th, midnight.

General Expectations of Volunteers:

  • To fulfill tasks collaboratively and independently.

  • Support residency coordinator and staff.

  • The number of hours expected to ‘work’ each day will be managed in tandem with other volunteers and the successful completion of tasks.  Volunteers will ideally work 4-6hrs a day, with more hours expected leading into the festival.  We have extended the timeline for everything this year, which should ensure that work stays casual and fun.

General Volunteer Benefits:

  • Delicious, local, and mostly organic food is provided.

  • On-site facilities, solar shower, sauna and camp sites.

  • Freedom to participate in workshops, artist talks and independent or collaborative projects (when time allows).

  • Free Admittance to White Rabbit Festival.

Volunteers should have some understanding of the White Rabbit experience and the community; whether as alumni, volunteer or through other forms of participation.

White Rabbit Residency Support Crew and/or Metamorphosis Period

The White Rabbit Support Crew and/or Metamorphosis Period will have the advantage of spending time at Red Clay during the full swing of creative follies and being able to engage a wide range of artists. 
HOSPITALITY/DRIVER (2) – August 4th-12th and/or August 14th-19th
Assist with service accompanying dinner.
Host outdoor gathering spaces in the evening.
Help out with misc. maintenance.
Drive to Truro or Bass River for supplies, pick-ups or other things.

HOUSE AND KITCHEN (2) – August 3rd-12th and/or August 14th-21st
Prepare/maintain common spaces and materials.
Prepare sleeping areas in greenhouse and cabins for artists arriving for the residency.
Some purchasing/inventory of food stocks.
SITE CREW (2) – August 1st-12th and/or August 14th-21st                 
Carpentry skills an asset.
Maintenance: Including sweeping and cleaning activity areas, stocking and cleaning showers, outhouses, etc.
Repair of site infrastructure: stairs cut into hill, railings, trails, bridges, etc.
Stocking fire wood and tending to fires.
Mowing lawns.
Maintain organization of tool shed.

White Rabbit Festival Support Crew
(August 20th to August 21st)
These positions will fill up on a first come, first served basis. Positions generally include shifts for ‘Registration/Parking’, ‘Food Prep’, ‘Merchandise’, ‘Security’ and ‘On-Call First Aid’. 

Volunteer Application Information

Please submit the following information to whiterabbitarts@gmail.com
If you are interested in the White Rabbit Residency Support Crew and/or Metamorphosis Period please let us know by July 14th, midnight. Please note that you apply for one or both of the residency and Metamorphosis period.
1.)  Send us a brief blurb about yourself, your experience of White Rabbit and why you want to volunteer:

2.)   What position(s) are you interested in?

☐  Hospitality/Driver – August 4th-12th
☐  Hospitality/Driver – August 14th-19th
☐  House & Kitchen – August 3rd-12th
☐  House & Kitchen – August 14th-21st
☐  Site Crew – August 1st-12st
☐  Site Crew – August 14th-21st

August 20th and 21st
☐  Festival Volunteer

NOTE:  If your available schedule differs slightly from the above, please explain your circumstance and what you can offer.

3.)  How do you envision yourself in this role and what skills and experience are you interested in offering?