Workshops in August with Margot Jewers, Certified Holistic Creativity Life Coach

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Opening the Portal of the Creative Mind: 4 Holistic Steps to Personal & Creative Transformation

Margot Jewers is a Certified Holistic Creativity Life Coach living in NYC, but grew up in her hometown of Parrsboro. She will be offering a 2-day holistic journey towards creative & personal transformation.

What is a Life Coach?

A coach’s job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that the client already possesses. Coaching is action and goal oriented, which makes use of accountability for established deadlines.

Coaching is neither Consulting Nor Therapy.

There are core differences between coaching & consulting. Consulting provides short-term solutions projected onto the client, while coaching is a continual relationship that assists in implementing new skills, changes and both short- and long-term goals. Another difference is that consultants often provide advice, while coaches encourage clients to use their creativity to discover solutions on their own. This helps to build clients’ self-esteem so that they can trust their own decisions and rely less on outside help in the future.

Coaching and therapy differ because while therapy focuses on the past to explore current issues and behaviors, coaching focuses on today – and tomorrow – as it provides a supportive environment to design strategies needed to resolve the issues at hand. Having a supportive friend in life is wonderful, yet coaches have objectivity and an emotional distance that can’t be expected of supportive friends. And, a coach is a professional who works on various aspects of the client’s life and provides honesty and different perspectives.

Merging Coaching Practices with Holistic Processes:

The creative mind gains inspiration in a non-linear ways, often through symbols, feelings, flashes of insight or a sense of “knowing,” This makes use of a portal of the mind that isn’t necessarily logical to the linear mind but speaks from the soul or spirit to help give guidance. For example, take the invention of the sewing machine by Elias Howe. The needle design for the sewing machine was troublesome. The solution for the lock-stitch sewing machine finally came to Howe in a dream. He dreamt that he was given the ultimatum by a group of cannibals who surrounded him to, “Come up with the design for a working sewing machine or face death.” When he could not come up with the design the cannibals in his dream proceeded to stab him repeatedly. But Howe observed that the spears had a hole at the tip of them and this proved the necessary inspiration, or Eureka moment, for how to solve the needle issue upon his waking – put a hole in the tip of the needle!

This is the portal of knowledge we will be focusing upon in this workshop to compliment the creative coaching exercises. The workshop offers some of the powerful processes that are applied in private coaching through various exercises and open-ended questioning. This is combined with the use of transformative holistic processes such as breathing exercises, creative visualization, Shamanic rituals and energy explorations performed in groups, partnering or individually.

It is not necessary to be in the creative fields to benefit from this 2-day workshop, though I find it enhances creativity by unblocking creative energy and flow, and by pushing the limits of risk for expansion and even greater productivity. Anyone can benefit from these powerful holistic processes and the concentrated work performed in the workshops.

It can be an exciting and surprising experience. A journey I encourage everyone to try!

If interested in this workshop please email Margot Jewers at:


Please enter subject line of email: Parrsboro 2-day workshop


Yoga Studio at the Gillespie House, Upper Main Street, Parrsboro, NS.


Saturday, August 13th 9am-12 NOON & 1PM to 4PM.

Sunday, August 14th 9AM-12 NOON & 1PM to 4PM.


$200/person. Cash, personal check, or PayPal are the payment methods.

Payment in full to hold your space. There are no refunds.