Joy’s Painting Workshop

Watercolour Workshop with Joy Laking


Art Lab, Parrsboro, Saturday August 6, 2016


Sign up through Parrsboro Creative Website:
All levels of watercolour painting welcome


8:30 until 9:00

arrive and set up to paint at Art Lab and see Joy’s exhibition of watercolours


9:00 until 9:30

Welcome, update and Joy will do a walkthrough of exhibition


9:30 until 9:40

Joy will demonstrate ink and watercolour sketches

for planning composition and values.


9:40 until 10:00

participants will do four ink and watercolour sketches


10:00 until 11

watercolour demonstration by Joy

drawing, blocking in tones, doing large washes with control, initial approach to foregrounds


11:00 to 12:00

Participants will do a one hour project based on the previous demo


12:00 until 1:00

lunch time, eat out or bring a snack


1:00 until 2:00

watercolour demonstration by Joy

finish details


2:00 until 4:00

Participants to work on their own paintings


4:00 to 5:00

Group crit of the morning sketches and project and the afternoon painting

Questions, demos  by Joy of anything that people want to see


Supply list:

Ordinary paper and a pen to take notes.

Please bring all your usual watercolour supplies, brushes (one round watercolour brush about number 4 to 6 and one  round watercolour brush about 10 to 14) and watercolour paper. ( probably paper with a bit of tooth is easier if you are new to watercolours.  therefore cold press or rough not hot press)

For the sketches you will need 4 pieces of  roughly 5” x 7” watercolour paper.

One permanent technical pen, rapidograph, .5 available from Staples

For the one hour project, you will need one piece of watercolour paper

Approximately 15 x 21” or 16” x 20”

You will need one photograph that you want to paint that includes, sky, buildings, or boats plus foreground. A strong light direction in the photo will make the project easier.

For the two hours of painting in the afternoon, please bring something that YOU would really like to paint, (photos, still life or sketches to work from) please bring another piece of watercolour paper and a board slightly larger to tape it onto.


My paint colours :

This is just for your interest.I don’t recommend buying new colours until after the workshop as usually the same shades can be made by mixing your paints.

I use Winsor and Newton Select list watercolours. Professional grade watercolours are well worth the extra expense than student grade.

Alizarin crimson

Winsor red

Cad red Med

Prussion blue

Winsor blue red shade

Winsor blue green shade

Cerulean blue (schmenke brand not Winsor and Newton)

Winsor Yellow

Winsor Yellow deep

Winsor Violet

Burnt Umber

Paynes Gray (must be Winsor and Newton as other Paynes Grays are not the same colour)

Sap Green

Pebio brand white gauche paint.


Hb pencil

White plastic eraser

A razor blade