What’s Happening at Harvest Gallery


June 18 – July 17 Melissa Townsend: Sing your Song Harvest Gallery is pleased to present “Sing Your Song” – fourteen inspired new paintings by Halifax artist, Melissa Townsend.  For Melissa, this show represents a coming to life, a budding and knowing your identity.  She describes it as an outward blossoming of what’s deep inside.  Sing Your Song is a heart in bloom.”  In this body of work Townsend explores this idea through a menagerie of characters including her signature owls (some festooned with floral fascinators).  But, there are other innocents too – including deer, fox, birds, buffalo and even an Alpaca.  And, there are crowns … Why crowns and fascinators? They are your identity, manifested – “put on your crown, show who you are, your truest self.”  Melissa’s paintings are unquestionably whimsical, fun, light and quirky. However, the work is quite intentional on a deeper emotional and spiritual level.  The show runs until July 17thWe look forward to welcoming you.  You can also view the show on line at www.harvestgallery.ca.


July 30The Very Best Folks I Know: Story-tellers and Satirists Group Show


August 6 – September 4 All


September 10 – October 9 Ernest Cadegan


October 15 – November 12 Which Craft? A group show of Fine Craft


November 19 thru the end of the year 24 Days of Holiday Inspiration

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