Halifax Music Co-op fantastic July Concerts

The Halifax Music Co-op, is a nonprofit organization striving for music accessibility. We want to let you know about the fantastic concerts we have going on this summer!

You will find below names, times. locations, and a short description of all of our events.  Our ticket prices are standard at $15 (discount for students and the underemployed)  and $20, with the exception of our Sistema fundraiser, which is by donation to support free music education for children.  Tickets are available for purchase at the HMC Space at 2164 Barrington St, as well as online at http://thehmc.ca/store/.

July 5 & 6, 8 PM
Beneath the Underdog
The Halifax Music Coop
2164 Barrington St.
Vesuvius Jazz Ensemble
In the inaugural concert of the Vesuvius Jazz Band, HMC faculty and members come together to tackle some of the heaviest music written in the past 75 years. They will delve into, among others, the depth and complexity of Charles Mingus, bringing to light repertoire not often experienced. Join us for a rare journey through the smoky tension of this music.

July 11 & 12, 8 PM
The Road Not Taken
Big Choir
The Halifax Music Coop
2164 Barrington St.
Come join the HMC Choir as it journeys through poetry and music, in both instances inspired by each other. The choir will sing pieces by Lauridsen, Whitacre, and Thompson, among others, in a moving exploration of beauty both sung and said. In this hour you’ll journey through the woods and the darkness as summer flowers bloom all around you, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find your ‘road not taken’.

July 13 & 14, 8 PM
Stolen Moments
Jazz Band, Show Band
The Halifax Music Coop
2164 Barrington St.
A collaboration between Big Band and modern R&B music. A night of strong rhythmic grooves and improvisation. You will hear familiar songs arranged for a large ensemble with an old school sound.
July 15 & 16, 8 PM
Lost Ships on the Horizon
Zero Squad
The Halifax Music Coop
2164 Barrington St.
A one of a kind rock concert in two stunning acts the HMC presents ZERO SQUAD’s LOST SHIPS ON THE HORIZON.

First, you’ll experience 100% original music written and produced over the last two months solely by Zero Squad members, who have found the epic point where the rock and roll and orchestral sounds meet. After halftime, they’ll explore a range of music composed/arranged by Jupiter M VV, who began collaborating with the HMC last Fall as half of the group MINVS WORLD for Inventions 2015. Building upon music from Jupiter’s previous project “This Ship” the second act taps into an ambient yet energetic, sweeping, cinematic narrative. This show is sure to be an epic voyage not only through music, but also the minds of the HMC Zero Squad’s most innovative artists.
July 23, 3 PM
Squeezy & Squeaky: An Accordion, Keyboard and Clarinet Extravaganza
Faculty Ensembles
The Halifax Music Coop
2164 Barrington St.
Come join us for a smorgasbord of clarinet and keyboard music from your favourite cartoon themes as well as classical jams. Brought to you by the HMC clarinet ensemble and the HMC keyboard ensemble, this show will be a ton of fun for all ages! Also… Accordions!
July 26 & 27, 8 PM
Resurrection: Gustav Mahler Symphony
No. 2 Orchestra, Big Choir & Vesuvius
St. Patrick’s Church
2263 Brunswick Street
This summer the HMC brings together its orchestra and two choirs, along with friends from the community, to perform Mahler’s second symphony. the HMC will perform this music in the North end’s own historic St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. With the listener the HMC will start in the murky darkness in this symphony and travel through this intense work of folk melodies and late romantic passion until the final moment in the last movement, bringing together all the forces in the triumphant march towards life.

July 29 & 30, 8 PM
Antiphony: Music From the Venetian Choral School
Vesuvius Choir
The Halifax Music Coop
2164 Barrington St.
This summer the Vesuvius Chamber Choir tackles the music of the Venetian Antiphonal School of the early 18th Century. Working their way backwards from the Motets of Bach, the choir will visit the music of Schütz, Gabrielli and Monteverdi. Vesuvius will explore this music in its original format, moving together and apart to form up to four separate choirs to truly celebrate this music the way it was meant to be performed. They will be joined by a few guest artists forming this summer’s Vesuvius Chamber Orchestra.
July 30, 2 PM
Sistema Disney Fun’raiser
Sistema NS program (Music for our Youth)
The Halifax Music Coop
2164 Barrington St.
By Donation
Come join us for this summer’s Sistema FunRaiser featuring music of classic Disney movies! Join us for colouring, snacks, and a silent auction to raise money for our “Sistema NS program” (Music for our Youth). Come sing along with some of your favourite Disney classics to help us keep free music education alive (Warning: overwhelming cuteness levels a risk at this event).