Mark Brennan “Touching the Wild Within” July 1-20 Fraser Cultural Center

Touching The Wild Within, Invite Small

In Mark Brennan’s new exhibit, “Touching The Wild Within” he attempts to explore the lost ‘wild’ part of the human condition through deepening his own experiences in the wild landscapes of Canada. From connecting with these landscapes comes his art.

Mark believes that we have become an almost self-domesticated species, disconnected from Nature to the point where we have forgotten what it feels like to live with a profound awareness, wonder and connection to the planet that sustains us. The proof of this he says is in the way we undermine the natural processes of nature in our consumption and com-modification of the natural world, including the lessening of the richness of our own communities, towards an almost mono-culture existence.

These new landscapes depict separate interactions in wilderness areas, with Mark seeking to connect with each wild place as deeply as possible in order to reach that same place within himself. Work from Marks own collection and on-loan work from a private collection is also included in this exhibit.