Justine Kerr ~ items for sale

54 frames for sale. I have photos of them. Give me an offer!
1 black & gold frame fits a 20×16 inch canvas : $30
1 gold frame with white canvas inside edge plus gold line, fits a 12×12 canvas: $20
1 black & inside gold frame, fits a 20×16 inch canvas: $30
I very large Brancusi book: Give me an offer!
1 ,   Veritas, Lee Valley, 4 way speed frame clamp with extension rods( makes frames & stretchers): Give me an offer!
1 new CD player : Give me an offer!
Several fabric dyes for sale
3 drawing boards for sale
Stone carving tools & beautiful stone for sale
2 easels for sale
Black Indian Ink for sale
Brown paper tape whole roll unused for sale
Heavy wire for canvas & frames, W34A bought from National Art
1 Stevenson Acrylic Matte Varnish : big jug
Stevenson new oil bar sticks: very large ones:

Yellow Ochre, Caeruleum Blue, Naples Yellow Deep, Burnt Sienna, Phthalo Blue, Cadmium Yellow Deep, Venetian Red, Iron Oxide Black, Payne’s Grey

Please contact Justine Kerr: justinekerr@hotmail.com