The Geography of Bliss


The Geography of Bliss an exhibition of drawings by artists Annie Lalande and Bonnie Baker.

Opening Sunday, June 5, 1 – 3 pm, with artist talks at 1:30 pm.

The Geography of Bliss brings together two artists, Bonnie Baker (Nova Scotia) and Annie Lalande (Quebec) whose work is distinguished by the the gesture, discipline and process of drawing .  Each have their own approaches to the evolving and ever widening  field of “traditional” drawing processes.

Despite coming from different backgrounds, training, and culture, emerging artist Lalande and Baker in mid-career share a sensitivity to paper, to the greyness of drawings, to the vapour like forms, subtleties and possibilities of depth  often best executed in drawing.  Whether linked to descriptions of time and space as observed in Baker’s cloud and landscapes on paper  or to the discovery of personal identity expressed in Lalande’s poetic alterations of the paper’s surface and beyond, in the act of drawing an image gains a life of its own.

“ The very act of drawing represent both inner and outer parts of our world. And the choices we make in the drawing process are important parts of a conversation we have with ourselves.

We can look at it, think about it, and revise it. The revised drawing is an expression of new thought.  It is our hope the works presented will give rise to new thoughts and understanding of the nature of drawing.”