This summer Baddeck is undertaking FESTIVILLE BADDECK. This will be held on 5 Mondays beginning in July and ending in October. The dates are: July 4, July 25, Aug 8, Sep 9 (Labour Day) & Oct 10.This event will be a celebration of Nova Scotia, featuring artisanal products, food, musicians, entertainment including but not limited to buskers, choirs, face painting, sidewalk art and much more.This will take place on Monday evenings from 5PM to 9PM on Chebucto Street which is the main artery in the Village of Baddeck.

Participation in the FESTIVILLE BADDECK can take place in a variety of ways. We are looking for applications to participate as Vendors in the FESTIVILLE. The cost of participating is $200 for all 5 dates or $50 per date. This will secure a table where you can set up your product for sale. We anticipate over a thousand visitors on each of the above mentioned dates. The focus on Nova Scotian culture, art and food will be an incredible draw to this event.

Participation can also take place through sponsorship of the event. Obviously there will be costs associated with marketing, promoting and facilitating the event. Sponsorship will aid in the success of the FESTIVILLE. Sponsors will be recognized throughout the area during the event. Volunteers will also be required to assist with the execution of the activities.

Should you be interested please contact Iris Kedmi no later than June 4th @ 1-902-818-8504 or via email ikedmi@yahoo.com.


Iris Kedmi

On behalf of the Organizing Committee