Port Medway Art & Design News!

Here’s the news –
1)Port Medway Art & Design moving – but, not far.  Seeley Hall isn’t available this year so I’m moving into Clarence’s building at Hottot Corners.  Where Ken’s gallery was a couple of years ago.
We’ll open again on July 1st and hope you’ll pop by.
2) In other news – Port Medway Art & Design now has an online store so you can conveniently shop from anywhere.  Isn’t that nice?  Here’s the URL: https://squareup.com/store/PPAD
I hope you’ll visit the site and forward your comments. This is my first e-commerce venture so some additional information might be needed.
Look forward to seeing you in Port this summer.
Pamela Purves
Pam Purves Photography
Port Medway Art & Design
Skype: pampurves
Web: www.pampurvesphotography.com
PMAD Web: square up.com/store/PPAD
eMail: pampurves@mac.com
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