Pro Panel system for sale

Pro Panel system for sale
The Pro Panel system is a fast and easy way to display art, exhibits and presentations. It is simple to set up and tear down. Plus, it’s incredibly flexible to accommodate a variety of different booth designs. Both sides are finished and are usable hanging space. Each panel connects to the next with the provided strap fasteners that wrap around the upper and lower legs, allowing you to hinge in any direction.
This system consists of 10 medium gray panels, good for indoor or outside shows. Since the panels have adjustable legs for uneven terrain and can be setup to fit neatly inside a 10 by 10 foot canopy, the system is great to use inside and out. When taken apart, all the panels can be stacked one on top of each other to form a stack only 13 inches tall.
• 9 regular panels – 38 x 84 inches
• 1 half panel – 24 x 84 inches
• Hardware for assembling and hanging framed artwork is included.
These panels have been bought directly from the manufacturer in Texas and they are like new, having been used 3 times only.
Asking $1400.00.
Visit the manufacturer’s website for more info and photos :
Please email or call if interested. The panels are located in Moncton but delivery can be arranged.
Raymonde Fortin

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